Common injuries during badminton and prevention

Badminton is a sport that is highly entertaining and easy to play so there are more and more players. However, when playing bridge you have to combine a lot of jogging, jumping, fast motion, flexibility and speed of coordination between the hands, legs, wrists, arms … Should meet Trauma is very easy if you do not know how.

When you participate in a match you will focus on using the main muscle groups such as the legs, hips, shoulders, and arms. And that is where the most frequent injuries occur. Joints are often injured when playing badminton such as shoulder, wrist, knee and ankle joints. I will share with you the common injuries while playing badminton and how to avoid it.

Traumatic injuries are common in the arms

Elbow joint injury:

It is common in badminton players to focus primarily on the elbow and use elbows, which can lead to joint injuries.

Injury to the shoulder:

When the arm is not properly swung or the movement is natural, the shoulder joint is damaged. The muscles of the rotator cuff are fixed on the shoulder and will be reduced when the tear is removed. The initial pain may be acute and easily missed but will become chronic if repeated several times.

Injury to the wrist joint:

The main reason is to fall down on the ground or to use wrist joints constantly and excessively when the shuttle is hit.

How to avoid hand injuries:

– Use the best badminton racket for yourself: This is very important because if you choose a racquet that does not fit your wrist, it is very likely to be injured. If you are a newcomer, choose a good racket for the starter, or if you are an experienced player, choose the best racket for the intermediate player. If you are an attacking player, choose the best attacking racquet to save you the most energy.

– Warm-up before the game: warm-up is very important, it stimulates muscle activity and increases endurance, as well as the muscles of the arms and legs.

– Performing the correct technique.

– Relax after the game: Many people often overlook this part because it does not matter, even wasted time. The fact is that releasing your body is just as important as starting.

Trauma is common in the legs

When playing badminton, the legs are very active, frequent fly, jump, turn people … And also the most vulnerable area.

Ankle Joints:

The most common injury or injury. A sudden shift, especially when the player is tired, easily causes the ankles to roll and the ligaments that hold it can be torn. The pain comes with swelling and makes it difficult to move.

Knee joint injury:

The knee joint is too tight and too fast, suddenly when the player runs “reversed” continuously on the court. Or, because the player tries to stomp too much.

How to avoid leg injuries:

– Use thicker shoes when playing badminton.

– Play badminton on the standard pitch.

– Use injury prevention tools.

You will also be injured if you apply the above methods. However, the risk of injury will be reduced to a minimum if you know how to prevent and exercise seriously.