Irish in Birmingham is the Midlands leading charity providing welfare and cultural services to the Irish community. We are based in the Heart of the Irish Quarter in Digbeth, Birmingham. From our central HUB we reach out to all areas of the City including our newly developed spokes in Erdington, Cotteridge, Harborne and South Yardley.

Our aspiration is to be the service of choice for all Irish people seeking advice, support and information. To achieve this we will continue to provide quality and responsive services that improve wellbeing and quality of life.

Mission Statement:

IRISH in BIRMINGHAM aims to enhance the lives of people with Irish heritage by providing quality advice and support services that meet the welfare and cultural needs of the Irish Community in Birmingham.

Our aspiration is to be the service of choice for all Irish people (with primary or combined Irish heritage) seeking advice, support and information.

Our Values:

Accessibility - we are committed to providing services that reach into the community and are delivered in accessible, local locations.

Commitment - we recognise that the strength of the community is founded on how well it looks after its members and encourages community involvement.

Ethical - we respect all people as unique individuals and will not impose any system of beliefs or values on or clients; recognising the rights of all those who use our services.

Partnership - we are committed to act with integrity and openness in our dealings with partners and other bodies.

Quality - we are committed to learning from experiemce in order to improve the quality of our services, ensuring that they are safe, effective and delivered to the highest standard.

Responsiveness - listening to and working with our client stakeholders we will meet needs and strive to make a positive difference to people's lives.

The documents below provide you with some further information as to the structure of the organisation and the History of Irish in Birmingham.