Watch Choices for Police Officers You Should Know About

Police work is a rough business. Officers have to deal with a bunch of unexpected twists and turns every day while in the line of duty.

Because of all this unpredictability, police officers watch will meet a bunch of bumps and scratches that it usually won’t see when worn on the wrist of a regular citizen. To make sure that the watch will survive all this abuse, keep an eye out for watches with a respectable level of shock resistance, such as those in this Citizen Nighthawk series, or the ones you can find in this Citizen PCAT series.

Also, a police officer wouldn’t want to have to remove their watch due to it being uncomfortable at a certain point in the day. That’s why watches from great brands such as Fossil, or Hamilton watches will always be preferable. It’s because there are so many important and urgent matters that police officers attend to on a regular basis that their watch is the least of their concerns.

To make things a bit easier for them, make sure to get them a timepiece with a very comfortable strap and feeling on the wrist, which means nothing too heavy either. That’s why I highly recommend checking out these great Citizen watches. With most watches, it’s best to look for those with polyurethane straps, as those provide the most comfort when it comes to wearing the watches.